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Avocado, collection in Jerico -PHOTOS

Hass avocado in Jericó in photographs

In the eastern and southwestern subregions of Antioquia, a variety of avocado is being cultivated for export; the Hass. One day attending the Hass avocado harvesting and selection process becomes a real experience of knowledge.

What should each collector bring ?

  • basket casnastilla
  • sun and water protector breakfast and lunch
  • clothing suitable for field work
  • Garden scissors
  • much enthusiasm

The collector is provided with a sack or satchel where he deposits the precious fruit one by one; once full, it is placed in a basket and taken to a collection center on the premises for its selection and unpuncturing.

Selection process

  • Export
  • National consumption
  • discard

Hass en la cima de la economía actual y en la salud.