Avocado, collection in Jerico -PHOTOS

Hass avocado in Jericó in photographs

In the eastern and southwestern subregions of Antioquia, a variety of avocado is being cultivated for export; the Hass. One day attending the Hass avocado harvesting and selection process becomes a real experience of knowledge.

In the municipality of Jericó in the southwest, agricultural vocation is no exception; Large areas of land that were formerly livestock are now transformed into crops of this variety destined for export to the US, Europe and China among others.

In the last harvest of 2020, there are two a year, I had the opportunity to accompany the collection and selection process of hass avocado in one of the farms in Jericó.

Walking paths and trails is very common in these lands of Antioquia to reach farms or properties with an agricultural vocation in which avocado, wood and coffee stand out.

The Hass avocado harvesting process begins like any other rural activity very early, so at 5.59 in the morning or with the first light of day the workers are or should be in the cut, prepared for the collection and selection of the fruit.

The collectors visit each tree in a certain order so that no one remains to be checked to strip it of all its production, for health reasons there should be no fruit left and thus another production cycle begins.

What should each collector bring ?

  • basket casnastilla
  • sun and water protector breakfast and lunch
  • clothing suitable for field work
  • Garden scissors
  • much enthusiasm

The collector is provided with a sack or satchel where he deposits the precious fruit one by one; once full, it is placed in a basket and taken to a collection center on the premises for its selection and unpuncturing.

Selection process

In the collection center, several people carry out the selection work in strict quality and weight rigor whenever the export product requires it. of the highest quality.

Three categories are selected in this collection step and those that are not, go to waste; first

  • Export
  • National consumption
  • discard

Another step in this process is to remove the stem or remove the stem leaving only a few millimeters. Using scissors, the peduncle is removed from the fruit.

Hass on top of today’s economy and in health

The day ends by darkening the day, the selections go to their final destination for export, national consumption and discard and most importantly

Coming home after the day, contemplating the landscape is a must.

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